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Love your Mind. Body. Soul. was inspired by my 11-year-old son.

It started with the common desire every parent has. To teach their children how to love and respect themselves, create a healthy lifestyle, laugh more often, take care of their bodies, develop life-long positive skills and be successful within their own meaning of success. Throughout this journey, I compartmentalized “Life” into three areas in order for a then 9 year-old to understand. As a result, Mind. Body. Soul. was born.


Along this journey and with a group of friends, educators, physical therapists and coaches, we decided to go beyond our professional day jobs and create meaningful, relevant, fun and long-lasting learning experiences for our kids! LOVE YOUR MIND. BODY. SOUL. was created and today we offer these activities to your kids. 

At LOVE YOUR BODY. MIND SOUL. we focus on the BODY. MIND. SOUL. using research-based activities, strategies, meaningful and friendly discussions, fun, games, age-appropriate exercise, academics, competition and reflective activities.


LOVE YOUR MIND. BODY. SOUL. is committed to teach every child the skills to develop a healthy mindset and make healthy nutritional choices so that they are empowered to develop a healthy lifestyle.

love Your MIND. BODY. SOUL. 

every child. 



We host our training within the San Diego County. Our activities take place in different locations throughout the year depending on availability, season and number of students. Some of our common spaces include the US Olympic Athletic Training Center, school facilities, Coronado Community Center and Vertical Hold. 

Included in all of our weekend camps: ​

  • Bottled water during camp

  • Healthy snacks

  • Lunch prepared by a nutritionist chef

  • Certificate of program completion 

  • Medal

  • Sports hat with our logo

  • Our team is trained on:

  • CPR

  • First Aid

  • Use of AED 

  • Safety

  • Physical Education 

  • National Counseling Program